Audition Application Cancellation and Refund Policy

Refund Policy

All services provided and specified by V. CONNECTION ("COMPANY") are deemed to be officially available for sale and specify that no refund can be made except under certain circumstances, such as technical problems.

Guarantee for refund is only applicable through the policy described in these terms and conditions and is not guaranteed otherwise. V Connection Co., Ltd. can select the service users who can be refunded from certain services according to the policy and can provide the service and call at any time according to the company's discretion.

Refund due to technical problems

V Connection Co., Ltd. strives to provide a stable environment for users to enjoy their services, but occasionally technological problems can interfere with the use of the service. While the company can not prevent 100% of all possible problems, V Connection Customer Support Team strives to help users who are facing technical problems as quickly and effectively as possible. If the user has suffered a specific loss in the service due to a technical problem in using the service, the user should have a detailed description of the problem and send the problem description to the specified e-mail address in the service and details of the request.

If possible, please provide us with screenshots and a detailed description of the problem in order to expedite the resolution of problems and requests. If the Company requests compensation for damage due to its technical problems, the Company will review your request in detail and take appropriate action at the discretion of the customer support team manager and manager.

The Customer Support team will investigate each case for the forwarded requests. The Customer Support team guarantees any compensation or reimbursement for clear case-by-case issues, but does not guarantee similar or unclear content.

This does not include a valid refund if it includes:

  • Potential or theoretical users to benefit. There is no refund for parts already used and used by the user.
  • Your personal problems. You will not be refunded for your personal circumstances and mistakes.
  • Problems due to unhealthy use. No refunds will be made for restrictions on service due to unauthorized use.

How to apply for a refund

If you fill out the reason for the refund to the e-mail address posted on the homepage according to the following form, you will be processed within two weeks after a review.

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Date of occurrence:


There may be a difference in the refund amount depending on the card fee and exchange rate.