Global Kpop Star Joint Audition


About Audition

~ Oct 31st 2018

This your opportunity to audition for 12 entertainment company with just one audition application!

This will be the very first Global Kpop Star Joint Audition.

Entertainment companies with very different types of artists and musical taste

will all be looking for trainees for their companies respectively.

Joint auditions that had only been held domestically will be held globally for the first time.

This audition is to look for various trainees for male/female idol trainees, singer-songwriters and vocalists.

Global Kpop Star Joint Audition

Global Kpop Star Joint Audition

V-Square would like to sincerely congratulate the winner of

the Global Kpop Star Joint Audition!



We will be contacting the winner individually for schedule information about the detailed interview with the entertainment