D-CRUNCH Debut Event Winners


Congratulations to the winners of the D-CRUNCH Debut Event

D-CRUNCH's autographed CD and wallpaper will be shipped out to the winners. :)

1.    weezyce*****07@gmail.com

2.    dea*****22@gmail.com

3.    aleesyak*****29@gmail.com

4.    ranjee*****ge@gmail.com

5.    de*****xx@gmail.com

6.    cami2*****04@gmail.com

7.    gabrielle*****on@orange.fr

8.    army.bangt*****97@gmail.com

9.    shond*****lo@gmail.com

10.    kiaa*****rn@gmail.com

+) We sent out individual emails to the winners. Please reply us as soon as possible. Thank you!