• Q How much is the audition fee?
  • A It is $2.99 per audition application.
  • Q Why do I have to pay?
  • A The payment is for the services and awards provided to the customers. The audition process directly for the entertainment companies is not so foreigner-friendly. We created this platform for all of you to have an easier option, and to give an opportunity.
  • Q What are my payment options?
  • A http://v-sqr.com/payment/
    Credit/Debit cards must have Visa/MasterCard/AmericanExpress/JCB on the card. All virtual cards such as Paymaya/Gcash/SmartPadala must use your virtual card information. The virtual cards also must have Visa/MasterCard/AmericanExpress/JCB on the card.
  • Q It says my payment declined. What should I do?
  • A Please check our payment options to see if your method was viable.
    http://v-sqr.com/payment/ If you are still having issues, please let us know about the issue in detail on QnA.
  • Q If I am from (country), how do I pay for the audition?
  • A It does not matter where you are, we have payment options such as Paypal or credit/debit cards that are used worldwide. Please check for payment options on http://v-sqr.com/payment/
  • Q Where is the payment page? When do I pay?
  • A The payment is the last step of the audition application submission process. After all your information, photos and videos have been uploaded, the next page will lead you to the payment page.
  • Q What if I don’t have a credit/debit card or Paypal?
  • A Other than the payment options listed, there are no other options available at the moment. International bank transfer is possible; however, it is not suggested as the transfer fee is too high. (at about $30-$40) The best solution is to ask for help from a friend or family. V-Square will always try to find different methods of payment for different users.