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~ September 14th, 2020

ROOTS EMTERTAINMENT looks for a female member and trainees.
Please check the information below carefully.

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Ent. Info

Roots Entertainment is a new type of company based on a welfare treatment that brings entertainment, culture, and welfare together. Roots Entertainment is pursuing a way of communication that grows with fans and trying to carve out a new generation idol market. Currently, the girl group called Girls Alert belongs to the entertainment and Their representative nickname is ‘Welfare Idol’ and they have other nicknames as well. Girls Alert is one of the hottest groups as an issue maker in kpop. Roots Entertainment has a big business goal of creating artists representing KPOP and growing together from the roots.







  • [MV] GSA - We got the power
  • [Clip] GSA - We got the power(Music Bank)
  • [Clip] GOOSEUL - Choreography X Kappa
  • [Clip] GOOSEUL - 통통한 연애(tvND ORGINAL)

Audition Information

  •   Application Field :  Singing, Dancing, and Rapping
  •   Gender :  Female / Male
  •   Nationality :  Open to every nationality
  •   Age :  Female(Born between 2001 - 2003), Male(Born between 2002 - 2006)
  •   Application dates :  August 13th - September 14th (23:59 KST)
  •   After pass the first screening audition :  Only the applicants who pass the First screening audition will be notified and contacted individually by the contact written in the application form and have a second-round audition. Afterward, successful applicants can coordinate their flight tickets, etc through direct consultation with Entertainment.
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  • TraineeTrainee
  • TrainningTrainning
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  • AccomodationAccomodation

Audition FAQ

  •   Q. How much is the audition fee?

      A. It is 2.99 USD from 2020 and pays by PayPal.

  •   Q. Where can I confirm whether to pay after applying for an audition?

      A. From my page > Status, payment status can be checked.

  •   Q. Where can I complete the payment if I haven't finished the payment after the audition application is entered?

      A. From my page > Status, a payment section will appear after selecting the audition you applied.


  •   Audition results (pass, fail, all fail, etc) are entirely the entertainment's authority and Vsquare is not responsible for it.