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~ January 31st 2019

DAM entertainment company looks for a female member of a girl group. This group consists of four members and two of them are training now. We will choose one foreign member for the group.

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Ent. Info

DAM company is a new concept company in the field of entertainment. It consists of artists and producers who have long experiences in the showcase business.
It puts much effort into a variety of contents businesses like casting artists, promoting and marketing contents, holding concerts and so on. It concentrates “Communication” between artists and company so that they can show their abilities the most. It makes an effort to open entry into the world market.
Dam company won’t stop working to grow up to be a global company that plays a role in Korea pop culture.

Major Artist

  • 'ICiA'

  • 'APL'


  • 'DJ DOU'

    'DJ DOU'



  • ICiA - teaser
  • APL
  • Swich berry Teaser Video
  • GirlCrush - Dance Movic clean

Audition Information

  •    Application Field :  Female Idol Member
  •    Nationality :  Open to every nationality
  •    Age :  Birth year from 2000 to 1993
  •    Application dates :  December 21st - January 31st (23:59 Korean Time)
  •   Final Winner’s Awards : Round-trip plane tickets to South Korea for a detailed interview with the entertainment company. It will be provided by the entertainment company.
  •    After Final Interview : If the winner is selected as one of the members, she will make a contract with Dam company.
  • TicketDebut in July
  • Ticket Plane Ticket
  • Trainning Trainning
  • Contract Contract
  • Support Support
  • Accomodation Accomodation