About Audition

~ December 20th 2018

Parksal Company has a set of beautiful artists within the value of 'empathy beyond languages.' The company is based in Seoul, South Korea and is looking for talented people to become the last member of their K-Pop girl group. Official debut in July!



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Project. Info

What is the Rendezvous Project?

The meaning of this project. Rendezvous, is 'A Promise to Meet Again.' Starting with its launch on October 3rd, 2018. members went through a selection process with various testing activities.

Audition winner will have an opportunity to become the final member of the K-Pop girl group that is debuting on July 7th, 2019.

Rendezvous Project is a long-term K-Pop girl group debut project that begins with the release of a track on July 8, 2019.

Member Introduction

  • 'LILY'

  • 'SURI'

  • 'SEULGI'

  • 'SIEUN'


  • 'JENNA'




  • Dance Practice 01
  • Dance Practice 02
  • Dance Practice 03
  • Dance Practice 04

Audition Information

  •   Application Field :  Female Idol Member
  •   Nationality :  Open to every nationality
  •   Age :  Birth year of 1995 - 2000
  •   Application dates :  November 19th - December 20st (23:59 Korean Time)
  •   Final Winner’s Awards : Round-trip plane tickets to South Korea for a detailed interview with the entertainment company.
  •   After Final Interview : If the winner is selected as one of the members, she will debut as a K-pop girl group in July, 2019.
  • TicketDebut in July
  • TicketPlane Ticket
  • TrainningTrainning
  • ContractContract
  • SupportSupport
  • AccomodationAccomodation

Company Information

Parsal Company is in the field of entertainment and MCN (Multi Channel Network). The company has a set of beautiful artists within the value of empathy beyond languages. They do video production, album production, performance, online live and more as a comprehensive entertainment company that is growing based on a challenging corporate spirit that leads the way of the times.

1. PS entertainment singer, actor/actress, model, or celebrity discovery and directing

2. PS agency casting for models and manpower for various events (e.g. advertisement, exhibition, home shopping)

3. PS media (photography, movies) directing, filming, editing, and correcting for the photography and the video

4. PS stage planning big and small events, or performances (e.g. directing, lighting, stages setting, broadcasting, audio directing)

Major Artists

  • premu

  • fatal

  • nini

  • wehiger