AKP Entertainment


New music record label

~ September 1st 2018

AKP Entertainment is a new music record label based in Montreal, Canada. The company is looking for talented people to form various international K-Pop bands. This is your chance !

AKP Entertainment

AKP Entertainment

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Ent. Info

"AKP" is currently working on different projects including. TV reality shows, upcoming groups, events and international tours.
Trainees are provided with a full service of mentorship and trainings to develop their skills at a full potential.

AKP Team


Max Floyd

music producer, vocal coach and songwriter


DJ Nitrous

music producer,
mixing & mastering engineer

The duo produced singles for the hiphop-franco industry with popular artist such as ''Rymz'' (l'ADISQ public choice award winner) "Saye", "Mauvais Actes" et "Ô-lit". They also produced compositions and arrangements for the National Youth Orchestra of Canada.


David Trudeau

dance mentor

Founder of Studio Underground Gold winner @ Dance World Cup -Solo (2009-2010-2014) -Group (2009-2010-2011-2012-2014-2016)


Jihye Park

language tutor

Interpreter and personal assistant in the Korean drama "Goblin" (2016-2017)




Sora is a solo artist, singer and a performer discovered after performing for a second year at the "K-Nite 2018 Legacy Hallyu" festival.

Project 'K'

Project 'K' is a Reality show in development and produced by the company AKP Entertainment.
The show will put the contestants in a survival competition. The goal is to from the next International K-Pop group.

project k banner image

Audition Notice

  •   Application Field :  Male and Female Idol Trainee
  •   Nationality :  All
  •   Age :  Birth year 1993 ~ 2005
  •   Application dates :  July 21st 2018 ~ September 1st 2018
  •   Result Announcement :  Late September
  •   Final Winner’s Awards : Plane ticket to Montreal for a detailed interview with the entertainment company.
  •   After Final Interview :
    • Selection of the trainee. Average contract duration of 3 years.
      (If the judges see great potential, the participant will be choose for a music career option and/or as a cast for the company's own upcoming reality show)
    • All economical support for vocal and dance training provided.
      (After the contract, all aspects of education needed are supported)
    • After confirmation and fixed schedule, the new trainee will be ready for debut
  • TicketPlane Ticket
  • TraineeTrainee
  • TrainningTrainning
  • ContractContract
  • SupportSupport
  • AccomodationAccomodation

Tips of Audition

1. Login

- Sign up and sign in to apply for the audition with your account.

2. Photo uploads

- Please upload total of three photos: One close-up headshot, one above the waist shot, and one full body shot.

- Please refrain from any use of any digital adjustments including photoshop and/or apps.

3. Video uploads

- Please upload one or two videos of you dancing, singing or rapping to Youtube or Vimeo. Copy and paste the link to your video. Show us the talent that you have more confidence in.

4. Videos of singing / rapping

- Videos of singing / rapping should be on a fixed camera with a clear face shot with no accompaniment.

5. Videos of dancing

- Every move must be clearly demonstrated within the frame yet, the camera should not be too far away.

- The camera should be far enough to capture every move within the frame. Yet, not too far away so that the moves are clearly demonstrated.

6. Self Introduction

- A well organized introduction of yourself in the beginning of each video should help your video to be well received.

7. Please state your height by cm and weight by kg.

Apply Form


Photo Files

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Waist Shot

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Full Shot


Close-up Shot

Close-up Shot

Waist Shot

Waist Shot

Full Shot

Full Shot



Vocal Sample

Dance Sample


Terms of Use


Agreement on integral collection and use of personal information

○ Matters concerning integral collection, use of personal information
  • Purpose of collection and use: Identification of audition applicants, reference to audition evaluation, reviewing the feasibility of the participating area, notification of results
  • Collection and use of personal (credit) information: Name, e-mail, nationality, gender, height, weight
  • Collection and use of Unique Identification Information: Date of Birth
  • Period of possession and use: From consent to collection of personal information until the purpose of use is accomplished

I have the right to refuse consent to the integral collection and use of personal (credit) information, and I have been informed that if I do not agree to this, the service is not available. About collection and use of my personal (credit) information,

○ Matters concerning integral provision of personal information

(1) Provision to entertainment agency hosting the audition

  • Provided to: The entertainment agency hosting the audition
  • Purpose of use: Identification of audition applicants, reference to audition evaluation, reviewing the feasibility of the participating area, notification of results
  • Provided individual Information: Name, email, nationality, gender, height, weight, date of birth
  • Retention and use period of personal information for the recipient: From the date of acquisition of agreement to collection of personal information, until the purpose of use is achieved

I have the right to refuse to consent to the integral provision of personal information and I have been informed that if I do not agree to this, I will not be able to use the service and I will notify you of my personal information About providing to third party