AKP Entertainment


New music record label

~ September 1st 2018

AKP Entertainment is a new music record label based in Montreal, Canada. The company is looking for talented people to form various international K-Pop bands. This is your chance !

AKP Entertainment

AKP Entertainment

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Ent. Info

"AKP" is currently working on different projects including. TV reality shows, upcoming groups, events and international tours.
Trainees are provided with a full service of mentorship and trainings to develop their skills at a full potential.

AKP Team


Max Floyd

music producer, vocal coach and songwriter


DJ Nitrous

music producer,
mixing & mastering engineer

The duo produced singles for the hiphop-franco industry with popular artist such as ''Rymz'' (l'ADISQ public choice award winner) "Saye", "Mauvais Actes" et "Ô-lit". They also produced compositions and arrangements for the National Youth Orchestra of Canada.


David Trudeau

dance mentor

Founder of Studio Underground Gold winner @ Dance World Cup -Solo (2009-2010-2014) -Group (2009-2010-2011-2012-2014-2016)


Jihye Park

language tutor

Interpreter and personal assistant in the Korean drama "Goblin" (2016-2017)




Sora is a solo artist, singer and a performer discovered after performing for a second year at the "K-Nite 2018 Legacy Hallyu" festival.

Project 'K'

Project 'K' is a Reality show in development and produced by the company AKP Entertainment.
The show will put the contestants in a survival competition. The goal is to from the next International K-Pop group.

project k banner image

Audition Information

  •    Application Field :  Male and Female Idol Trainee
  •    Nationality :  All
  •    Age :  Birth year 1993 ~ 2005
  •    Application dates :  July 21st 2018 ~ September 1st 2018
  •    Result Announcement :  Late September
  •    Final Winner’s Awards : Plane ticket to Montreal for a detailed interview with the entertainment company.
  •    After Final Interview :
    • Selection of the trainee. Average contract duration of 3 years.
      (If the judges see great potential, the participant will be choose for a music career option and/or as a cast for the company's own upcoming reality show)
    • All economical support for vocal and dance training provided.
      (After the contract, all aspects of education needed are supported)
    • After confirmation and fixed schedule, the new trainee will be ready for debut
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