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~ May 29th, 2020

A100 EMTERTAINMENT looks for trainees.
Please check the information below carefully.

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Ent. Info

A100 Entertainment consists of outstanding experts who will supervise the entire process as well as nurture new artists by discovering them. A belonging artist is a girl group NEONPUNCH. In addition, A100 Entertainment can help artists through various promotions to be famous all over the world, not only from Korea and various Asia.





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  • [MV] NeonPunch - TicToc
  • [Clip] NeonPunch - TicToc Dance Practice
  • [MV] NeonPunch - Moonlight
  • [Clip] NeonPunch - Moonlight Dance Practice

Audition Information

  •   Application Field :  Singing, Dancing, and Rapping
  •   Gender :  Female / Male
  •   Nationality :  Open to every nationality
  •   Age :  From 1998 to 2004
  •   Application dates :  April 7th - May 29th (23:59 KST)
  •   After pass the first screening audition :  Only the applicants who pass the First screening audition will be notified and contacted individually by the contact written in the application form and have a second-round audition. Afterward, successful applicants can coordinate their flight tickets, etc through direct consultation with Entertainment.
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Audition FAQ

  •   Q. How much is the audition fee?

      A. It is 2.99 USD from 2020 and pays by PayPal.

  •   Q. Where can I confirm whether to pay after applying for an audition?

      A. From my page > Status, payment status can be checked.

  •   Q. Where can I complete the payment if I haven't finished the payment after the audition application is entered?

      A. From my page > Status, a payment section will appear after selecting the audition you applied.


  •   Audition results (pass, fail, all fail, etc) are entirely the entertainment's authority and Vsquare is not responsible for it.