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~ July 7th, 2019


The Charriot of Dream East Inc. is a company forecasting and developing for the shift in the media market. For sake of the continuous efforts and growth of the company, with internal sources and procured content, it fulfills the role of leading future media market's changes and innovations. Also, it strives to grow with its subsidiaries as a professional media company building a content business by investing in new content and IP procurement.

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As a multimedia content company, we define Dream, Hope, and Honesty as our core values.

- IDEA: We collect ideas from everything around the world.

- PLANNING: We make plans catering to everyone's dream.

- STRATEGY: We establish strategies to make the dreams come true.

- SUCCESS: We will succeed in realizing the grand plans.


Dream East Company Inc. specializes in holding IP, working with various derivative content, and dealing with global businesses.

Dream East Media Inc. specializes in IP of original digital comics and dramatizing, filmmaking, producing, distributing of them.

Dream East Global Inc. specializes in producing outstanding novels, comics, and digital comics into TV shows or movies overseas.

Dream East Comics Inc. specializes in stable supply and demand of manpower by discovering original new artists and building infrastructure of artists. It also specializes in digital comics, catering to the needs of broadcasting networks and outsourcing producing company about planning digital comics customized for TV shows.

Dream East Communication Inc. specializes in marketing and promoting the Entertainment companies.

Dream East music Inc. specializes in content planning and producing as well as managing the artists and discovering new artists.

Audition Information

  •   Application Field :  Girl Group Members
  •   Gender :  Female
  •   Nationality :  Open to every nationality
  •   Age :  From 2003 ~ 1997
  •   Application dates :  July 4th – August 1th (23:59 KST)
  •   Height :  165cm or taller.
  •   Conditions for Vocals Videos :  All languages will be accepted and close-up shot with face and shoulder is recommended.
  •   Conditions for Dancers Videos :  Freestyle dancing to Latin style music is recommended (e.g. Despacito)
  •   Etc :  Currently, it is creating a girl group of three and a Chinese member has been selected; it's auditioning for two other members. If talented girls are discovered, they will be invited to Korea for further auditions. After developing a career as a singer, one can pursue an acting career since the inhouse production team is active.
  •   Final Winner’s Awards : Round-trip plane tickets to South Korea for a detailed interview with the entertainment company. It will be provided by the entertainment company.
  •   After Final Interview : If the winner is selected as one of the members, he will make a contract with Dream East Ent. company.
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  •   Second round audition :  
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