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~ July 7th, 2019

Forest Network look for a male member for a boy idol group and a female member for a vocal group.

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Ent. Info

The Forest company consists of 'Forest Network' – as a specialist of marketing market and 'Forest Media'-Professional production company based on rich ost production experience.

'Forest Network'- It is comprised of young and enterprising talents who have mastered the video language to respond to the communication style of the era.

It is a multi-training company that can present effective marketing plans for each project and effectively harmonize client's vision and trends.

Forest Media Japan will be the foundation for the development of Korean wave artists, the production of Korean wave performances. They recently took on the task of managing Japanese activities in order to establish Seven O clock's position in Japan.


  • 2SOUL

  • Andy

  • Han Gyeom

    Han Gyeom
  • Jeong Gyu

    Jeong Gyu
  • Tae Young

    Tae Young


  • Seven O'Clock - Get Away MV
  • Seven O'Clock - 'World Tour The Beginning' Film
  • Seven O'Clock - 'Get Away' Dance Practice
  • Seven O'Clock - 'Searchlight' Suit One-take Ver.

Audition Information

  •   Application Field :  Female - Vocal Group Trainee
                                         Male - Idol Trainee
  •   Nationality :  
  •   Age :  Female - From 2001 ~ 1995
                 Male - From 2004 ~ 1997
  •   Application dates :  May 31st – July 7th (23:59 KST)
  •   Preferential treatment : Chinese-speaking
  •   Final Winner’s Awards : Round-trip tickets to South Korea for a detailed interview with the entertainment company.
  •   After Final Interview : If the winner is selected as one of the members, he and she will make a contract with Forest Ent. company.
  •   Result of online audition :  
  •   Second round audition :  
  • TicketPlane Ticket
  • TraineeTrainee
  • TrainningTrainning
  • ContractContract
  • SupportSupport
  • AccomodationAccomodation