About Audition

~ April 21st 2019

MLD ENTERTAINMENT looks for trainees.
Please check the information below carefully.

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Ent. Info

MDL ENTERTAINMENT is an entertainment company that produces high quality content with a professional team. Their team consists of a producer, management support, and a planner.They analyze and respect concepts and direction of each artist. They also help artists talents to shine in there own unique way. MDL also create added value for customers and fans through business management in the area of entertainment, concerts, musicals, movies, and commercials. They lead entertainment businesses through trending contents and culture for new vibrance to Kpop showcase business.


  • 'Nancy'

  • 'Yeonwoo'

  • 'Nayun'

  • 'Hyebin'

  • 'Jane'

  • 'JooE'

  • 'Taeha'

  • 'Daisy'

  • 'Ahin'



  • MOMOLAND - 'JJan! Koong! Kwang!' MV
  • MOMOLAND - 'Wonderful love' Dance Practice
  • MOMOLAND - 'BBoom BBoom' Dance Practice

Audition Information

  •    Application Field :  Singing, Rapping and Dancing
  •    Gender :  Female/Male
  •    Nationality :  All nationality
  •    Age :  Born between 2001 and 2005
  •    Online Application Date :  From February 22nd to April 21st
  •    Result of online audition :  April 30th
  •    Second round audition :  LA, U.S. (* Traveling costs will not be provided)
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